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b) Zaira Vieira (University of Paris X / Nanterre, France)
The universal individuality in the Grundrisse

In this paper, I try to explore in the Grundrisse the ways of Marx's comprehension regarding the universal becoming of the determinations of the labour and, consequentially, of the effective becoming of the possibility of human emancipation. It is the partial result of a research in which I tried to appropriate all the elements that Marx deploy to investigate this possibility. If these elements basically are those that appear in modern industry, they are understood by Marx in their entire objective and subjective plenitude of sense. In other words, I will try to demonstrate how Marx, without falling into empiricism or reductionism of any kind, outlines this possibility, attempting, at the same time, to set against the other, and more common, type of reductionism, which is the reading of this issue from Hegel's Logic.