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The Other Sraffa - Surprises in the Archive?

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b) Enrico Bellino (Cattolica University of Milano, Italy)
Sraffa on growth

In Sraffa's works there are no explicit elements concerning economic growth. Nevertheless among those scholars that developed their researches on the basis of Sraffa's work we can find at least two alternative and apparently opposite ways to look at economic growth: one is the line rooted in the post-Keynesian approach, which emphasizes the role of profits in financing growth. The second line maintains the possibility to finance growth through changes in the degree of utilization of productive capacity, without affecting income distribution. In the present work we aim to discuss and compare these approaches, with the purpose to emphasize their differences as well as their complementarities.

sponsored by
Department of Economics
Faculty of Economics
University of Bergamo


December 21-22, 2010
aula 3, via Salvecchio 19
University of Bergamo - Bergamo Alta, Italy