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Prof. Alessandro FassÚ


Tel.: +39 0352052323 (Dalmine)

Office hours: Mercoledž 15.00-17.00 oppure su appuntamento preso via email

Building: Dalmine
viale Marconi 5 - 24044 Dalmine (BG) - Italy
room B 1.06

Full professor: Department of Management, Information and Production Engineering

Full professor: School of Engineering

20111 Statistcs and Topography Corso integrato di Statistica e Topografia
21022 Statistics and Stochastic Models I and II Statistica e modelli stocastici I e II (Informatica) (12 crediti)
21045 Stochastic Models Modelli stocastici (Informatica) (6 crediti)
38023 Stochastic Models (MD) Modelli stocastici (Informatica LM) (6 crediti)

Subjects (previous Academic Years):
8462 Statistics Statistica (7,5 crediti)
208413 Statistics Statistica (Edile) (5 crediti)
20063 Statistics Statistica (edile) (6 crediti)
21023 Statistics Statistica (Informatica) (6 crediti)
218462 Statistics Statistica (Informatica) (7.5 crediti)
328413 Statistics Statistica (Tessile) (5 crediti)
8479 Stocastic Processes Processi stocastici (5 crediti)
9009 Stochastic Models Modelli stocastici (5 crediti)

prof. Alessandro Fassò