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Prof.ssa Michela Gardini


Tel.: +39 0352052412 (Casa dell'Arciprete)

Office hours: Il GIOVEDI' dalle 10.30 alle 12.30

Building: Casa dell'Arciprete
via Donizetti 3 - 24129 Bergamo (BG) - Italy
room 103 - Piano primo (ala destra)

Associate professor: Degree Courses - Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Associate professor: Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures

57114 French Language MD I A+B Lingua francese LM 1 A+B (10 cfu)
57115 French Language MD II A Lingua francese LM II A
57116 French Language MD II B Lingua francese LM II B
13065 French Literature II Letteratura francese II (10 cfu)
3088 French Literature II A Letteratura francese II A
3488 French Literature II B Letteratura francese II B

Subjects (previous Academic Years):
3082 French Culture I Cultura francese I
36059 French Culture II A Cultura francese II A
19022 French Language and Translation Lingua e traduzione - lingua francese
65046 French Language and Translation Lingua e traduzione - lingua francese
57022 French Literature V A Letteratura francese V A

Michela Gardini is French Literature researcher at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the Bergamo University. In 2003 she took her Ph. D. in "Recherches sur l'Imaginaire" at the University of Grenoble. Since 2005 she is member of Italian Association of French Studies ("Seminar in French Philology"). Since 2008 she is member of Ph. D. "Letterature euroamericane". Since 2009 she writes for the review Studi Francesi (bibliographical section about 20th-century). She is a member of Comité scientifique of Cahiers de Littérature Fran?se. Within the Master Erasmus Mundus Crossways in Cultural Narratives, she is dissertations and QA coordinator. At the moment, she is working on Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century French Literature, preferring topics about the imaginary.

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