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Prof. Daniele Giglioli


Tel.: +39 0352052445 (Pignolo)

Office hours: marted́ ore 10,30.

Building: Pignolo
via Pignolo 123 - 24121 Bergamo (BG) - Italy
room 208

Assistant professor: Degree Courses - Letters, Philosophy, Communication

Assistant professor: Department of Letters, Philosophy, Communication

24167 Comparative Literatures Letterature comparate
13128 Comparative Literatures A Letterature comparate A

Subjects (previous Academic Years):
24122 Comparative Literatures Letterature comparate
58013 Comparative Literatures B Letterature comparate B
67038 Comparative Literatures B Letterature comparate B
5859 French Literature 1 A Letteratura francese 1 A
67094 Literary Criticism and Comparative Literatures Critica letteraria e letterature comparate
10654 Theory of Literature Teoria della letteratura

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