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Prof.ssa Emanuela Casti


Tel.: +39 0352052409 (Salvecchio)

Office hours: MARTEDI' e MERCOLEDI' ore 10 -11.

Building: Salvecchio
via Salvecchio 19 - 24129 Bergamo (BG) - Italy
room 37

Full professor
Degree Courses - Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Full professor
Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures

28046Area of Law and Territory (Intercultural Geography)Area giuridico-territoriale (Geografia interculturale) (10 cfu)
13094Geography of Movement [MOD1] - Territorial Changes in Asian Regions [MOD2]Geografia del movimento [MOD1] - Processi territoriali delle aree asiatiche [MOD2]
13135Geography of the NetworksGeografia delle reti

Subjects (previous Academic Years):
44008Geographic StudiesDiscipline del territorio (10 cfu)
28012GeographyGeografia (10 cfu)
93113Geography of the CommunicationsGeografia della comunicazione (6 cfu)
3095Geography of the Environment and TourismGeografia dell'ambiente e del turismo
5836Geography of the Environment and TourismPolitiche del territorio
93158Infographic Theory and TechniquesTeorie e tecniche dell'infografica
3445Intercultural GeographyGeografia interculturale

prof. Emanuela Casti FSince 2001 she has been Full Professor Chair of Geography at the University of Bergamo (Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures), where she is director of Centro Studi sul Territorio and chief of DiathesisLab (www.unibg.it/diathesis). She is member of many leading Italian societies (AGeI, SGI, RGI, AIIGI) and international workgroups (UGI, ICA). She is President of the ASN Commission (2016-2018). She is considered an innovator in cartographic theory studies and she elaborated the theory of cartographic semiosis, that she recently extended to new systems of cyber-cartography. Her researches concern both historical and contemporary contexts. For what the first is concerned, her interest is on Padana area, studying prehistoric examples of rock-engraved mapping in Valcamonica, as well as Renaissance and Modern mapping produced by the Republic of Venice, and Italian and French mapping in Africa. For what the second is concerned, she has been studying mapping about movement, conservation (www.multimap-parcw.org; www.orobiemap.it), governance (www.bgopenmapping.it; www.bgpublicspace.it) and urban regeneration (www.rifoit.org), producing interactive and multimedia mapping systems. She published many works in Italian, French and English (more than 100) concerning theory and applications on the process of territorialization both in national and African contexts, among which the books: L?ordine del mondo e la sua rappresentazione, 1998 (transl.: Reality as representation. The semiotics of cartography and the generation of meaning, 2000); Cartografia e progettazione territoriale: dalle carte coloniali alle carte di piano, 2007; Le Parc National d?Arly et la falaise du Gobnangou (Burkina Faso), 2009; Le sfide cartografiche. Movimento, partecipazione, rischio, 2010; Il mondo a Bergamo. Dall?emigrazione all?immigrazione, 2010; Cartografia critica. Dal topos alla chora, 2013 (transl.: Reflexive Cartography, A New Perspective on Mapping, 2015); Centrality of Territories. La rigenerazione di Bergamo in un network europeo, 2015 (see also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emanuela_Casti).