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Prof.ssa Michela Cameletti


Tel.: +39 0352052519 (Caniana)

Office hours: mercoledý ore 10.30-12.30.
Il ricevimento di mercoledý 21/03 Ŕ posticipato alle ore 14.30-16.30
Il ricevimento di mercoledý 28/03 Ŕ sospeso

Building: Caniana
via dei Caniana 2 - 24127 Bergamo (BG) - Italy
room 203

Assistant professor
Degree Courses - Management, Economics and Quantitative Methods

Assistant professor
Department of Management, Economics and Quantitative Methods

90030Applied Statistics for FinanceStatistica applicata per la finanza
910001Probability and Statistics for Business and Finance (advanced)Probability and Statistics for Business and Finance (advanced) (910001-ENG)
87097Statistics IStatistica I

Subjects (previous Academic Years):
86002Statistics IStatistica I

Michela Cameletti
Michela Cameletti from december 2008 is assistant professor in Statistics at the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, Computing and Applications of the University of Bergamo. In 2001 at the University of Milano-Bicocca she received the Summa cum Laude MSc in Statistics, Demography and Social Sciences. In 2007 she received at the University of Milano-Bicocca the Ph.D in Statistics. From october 2005 to december 2008 she was research fellow at the Department of Information Technology and Mathematical Methods of University of Bergamo. From october 2007 to march 2008 she was Research fellow at the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Science Institute (SAMSI), Research Triangle Park NC (USA). The most recent researches of Michela Cameletti are in the area of spatial and environmental statistics and concern mainly the modeling of environmental phenomena with spatial and temporal components. A special regard is given to atmospheric pollution modeling and to the integration of data coming from different sources and with different spatial resolutions. She is also interested in the computational aspects connected with complex stochastic models and simulation techniques.