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Prof.ssa Benedetta Calandra


Tel.: +39 0352052757 (Rosate)

Office hours: Il MARTEDI' dalle 14,30 alle 16,30. Fino a diversa comunicazione i ricevimenti si svolgono nella sola sede di P.zza Rosate - uff. 309.
Il ricevimento di martedý 20/11 Ŕ ANTICIPATO a lunedý 19/11 ore 10,30-12,30.<br /><br />
Il ricevimento di martedý 27/11 Ŕ ANTICIPATO a lunedý 26/11 ore 10,30-12,30

Building: Moroni
via Moroni 255 - 24127 Bergamo (BG) - Italy
room 14
Building: Rosate
piazza Rosate 2 - 24129 Bergamo (BG) - Italy
room 309

Professor: Degree Courses - Law

Assistant professor: Degree Courses - Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Assistant professor: Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures

68072 Contemporary History and History of Latin American Countries Storia contemporanea e storia dei Paesi dell'America latina
57015 History of South America A Storia dell'America del sud A

Subjects (previous Academic Years):
68029 History and Institutions of the Africa, Asia and Americas Storia e istituzioni dell'Africa, dell'Asia e delle Americhe
68010 History and Institutions of the Americas Storia e istituzioni delle Americhe
13014 History of America Storia dell'America (10 cfu)
68064 History of Latin America Countries Storia dei Paesi dell'America latina

prof.Benedetta CalandraResearcher and Assistant Professor, History of Latin America, University of Bergamo, Italy, and Associate Fellow for the academic year 2016/17 and 2017/18 at the Johns Hopkins University - School of Advanced International Studies, Bologna Center. Member of the Executive Board, Italian Society of International History, and Scientific Committee Interuniversity Consortium for American History and Politics.
PhD, American Studies, University of Roma TRE (2005), with the dissertation In the Belly of the Monster: Memories of Chilean and Argentine Exiles in the United States (1973-1990). Summer Institute at Columbia University, Oral History Research Office, New York (2002), "Oral History in Contemporary Contexts: documenting Narratives of War, Conflict and Displacement in the Era of Globalization". Post doctoral fellowship at University of Roma TRE (2002), for the research Women and Human Rights in Latin America. Publications include: Co-editor with Marina Franco of La guerra fr?cultural en América Latina, Buenos Aires (2012).Author of L?America della solidarietà. L?accoglienza dei rifugiati cileni e argentini negli Stati Uniti, 1973-1983 , Roma (2006), La memoria ostinata; H.I.J.O.S., i figli dei desaparecidos argentini , Roma (2004) and other monographs. Recent book chapters and journal articles include ? It Is Not a Part of American History That We Are Proud of?. Declassification Projects in the United States (1993?2002)?, in Eugenia Allier-Monta?nd Emilio Crenzel (eds), The Struggles for Memory in Latin America. Recent History and Political Violence, New York, Palgrave MacMillan (2015); ; ?Exile and Diaspora in an Atypical Context: Chileans and Argentineans in the United States (1973-2005)?, Bulletin of Latin American Research- BLAR, Vol.32, n.3 (2013).

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