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Prof.ssa Angela Locatelli


Tel.: +39 0352052703 (Rosate)
Fax: +39 0352052708

Office hours: MARTEDI' dalle ore 10 alle ore 11 e dalle ore 13.00 alle ore 14.00, in altri orari previo appuntamento concordato via mail. La Prof. Locatelli riceve anche in altri giorni e orari previo appuntamento concordato via mail.

Building: Rosate
piazza Rosate 2 - 24129 Bergamo (BG) - Italy
room 215

Full professor
Degree Courses - Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Full professor
Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures

13156English Literature III C+DLetteratura inglese III C+D
57088English Literature MD II A+BLetteratura inglese LM II A+B (10 cfu)

Angela Locatelli is Full Professor of English Literature at the University of Bergamo (where she has served for three consecutive terms as Director of the Department of Languages and Comparative Literature, and as Director of the PhD Program in Euro-American Literatures from 2009 to the present). Angela Locatelli is also Adjunct Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and Faculty member of the International PhD Network established in 2008 by the University of Giessen (Germany) with the Universities of Bergamo, Helsinki, Stockholm, Graz, The Catholic University of Portugal in Lisbon.
She is on the Editorial Board of Armenian Folia Anglistika, has been on the Editorial Board of: EJES The European Journal of English Studies, Textus, Fogli di Anglistica, Merope, Dintorni.
Angela Locatelli was awarded two short-term Fellowships (in 1999 and 2008) at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington D.C.. She is a member of the following Academic Associations: A.I.A. (Italian Association of Professors of English); ESSE (European Society of English Studies); IAUPE (International Association of University Professors of English); IASEMS (Italian Association of Shakespeare and Early Modern Studies); International Shakespeare Association. In 2010 she was elected into the Ateneo di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti di Bergamo, the former "Accademia degli Eccitati" (established in 1642).

Her main research interests are literary and cultural theory, and the epistemology of literature. Angela Locatelli has edited ten volumes on literary epistemology (The Knowledge of Literature / La conoscenza della Letteratura, 2002-2011 Sestante Edizioni. She has written extensively (3 books and over 50 articles) on Shakespeare and Early-modern Culture and Literature, including the first modern edition (with an Italian translation) of Henry Peacham's A Merry Discourse of Meum and Tuum (1639) (Il Doppio e il Picaresco, Milano, Jaca Book, 1998). Her publications also include a book on the "stream of consciousness" novel (Una coscienza non tutta per sè, Bologna, Patron, 1983), and several articles on Modernist and Postmodern fiction. She has published in Italy, France, England, Germany, Finland, Romania, Sweden, the USA, and Japan.