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Summer School

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Global Perspective of Public and Private Sector Interaction

The School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) at Indiana University and the CISAlpino Institute for Comparative Studies in Europe (CCSE) of the University of Augsburg and University of Bergamo organize a joint summer school on Global Perspective of Public and Private Sector Interaction. It is a 3 week summer course intended to undergraduate and graduate students who will reside for 11 days in Augsburg, Germany and for 11 days in Bergamo. The course format consists of 3 days with 4 hours of lecture and 2 days with 2 hours of lecture per week.

This course explores theoretical and historical explanations for a range of global policy issues in the international system. Traditionally, the concept of globalization is studied with respect to how countries interact in a more technologically connected world. However, students of public policy will quickly observe that contemporary social and political problems often arise from a variety of sources and grievances, including economic inequality, lobbying and corporate influence on public policy, equal access to resources, ethnic inequalities, issues of privacy and security in the face of terrorism, and environmental challenges in a quickly developing world.

The mission of this annual program is to bring together students from the U.S. and Europe to discuss various perspectives and solutions of policy concerns arising from an increasingly more globalized world. By addressing these concerns in an international academic environment, students will become better equipped with tools and strategies to manage policy problems, identify solutions, and effectively assist decision makers in the implementation of efficient, responsible, and sustainable policies.

The focus of this class is primarily on concepts of international policy and the development of sustainable international policy for the immediate and long-term future, though we will spend some time considering the historical aspects of policy failures in the face of global interconnectedness. Students will be expected to derive key propositions from these historical lessons in order to better develop their understanding of current and future policy development.


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Syllabus 2016

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