UniBg - BWJC 2016 : Introduction

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Dipartimento di Scienze aziendali, economiche e metodi quantitativi

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UniversitÓ degli studi di Bergamo
Department of Management, Economics
and Quantitative Methods

4th Bergamo-Wharton Joint Conference
Bergamo (Italy), 1st-2nd July, 2016
Doctoral and Young Researchers Workshop
Bergamo - via dei Caniana 2 - Room 15
web: www.unibg.it/bwconference - email: bwconference@unibg.it

The Department of Management, Economics and Quantitative Methods of the University of Bergamo and the Department of Legal Studies and Business Ethics of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania have been collaborating on several conferences in the last decade. We now propose a new format, a Doctoral and Young Researcher Workshop. Its focus will be a perennial topic, the social responsibility of business.

Fifty years ago, the seminal work of Milton Friedman proposed that the social responsibility of business is to increase profits. Many scholars have taken his view as axiomatic while other scholars have argued against it or offered alternatives. We invite authors to submit new work that addresses aspects of this topic from different theoretical, practical, and managerial perspectives.

The Doctoral Workshop is an opportunity for advanced PhD students and young scholars to present their research and discuss it with colleagues and academics from international and Italian universities. In addition to facilitating intellectual exchange, the program supports the development of a global network of young researchers belonging to different disciplines interested in business ethics, business and society, corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Participants will obtain insights on the writing of publishable journal papers, the selection of research methods, as well as feedback on their own research ideas.

Target group and eligibility

The target group of the workshop is PhD students and young scholars who aim at an academic career in the fields of business ethics, business and society, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. The workshop is open to PhD students who have already completed a substantial part of their dissertation project.
A limited number of non-presenting students may attend the workshop as guests and discussants. Interested students should send the request to bwconference@unibg.it


Applicants are requested to email a CV and a long abstract (paper proposal) of about 750 words by the end of March. If the proposal is accepted, we will require to send a full paper for distribution to discussants and workshop participants by May, 1st. Papers should not exceed 8.000 words, references included.
Proposals and full papers have to be sent to the scientific committee at bwconference@unibg.it


  • Proposals submission: March, 31
  • Notification of acceptance: April, 15
  • Papers submission: May, 31
  • Registration: May, 31

Selection criteria

Participants will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:
  1. Relevance of the research issues addressed
  2. Theoretical/methodological novelty
  3. Clarity of essay
  4. Potential contribution

In collaboration with

EBEN Italia / CORES Lab / CYFE / University of Brescia - University of Bergamo PhD Joint Program on Business and Law