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DROPIT Project

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GRK 2160: Droplet Interactive Technologies - DROPIT

Universitńt Stuttgart is responsible of the International Research Training Group on the topics of Droplet Interaction Technologies (GRK 2160, DROPIT), in partnership with UniversitÓ degli studi di Bergamo and UniversitÓ di Trento. The project starts on 1st October 2016 and has a duration of 4.5 years (with a possible extension of other 4.5 years). The main scientific goals of the project are manifold: understanding the physical mechanisms connecting micro-scale processes and macro-scale flow dynamics focusing on drop/gas, drop/wall and drop/liquid interaction; translation into more realistic physical models for detail processes, suitable for technical applications; development of robust and accurate numerical tools capable of coupling small-scale features into macroscopic solvers for selected applications. Highly advanced analytical, numerical and experimental methodologies will be used and further refined/developed during the project. DROPIT has a well-structured qualification programme towards post-graduate students, offering junior scientists a high-quality interdisciplinary training, fostering the development of each doctoral student into an independent researcher, ensuring and developing standards of excellence within the university doctoral research programmes. DROPIT is embedded in the existing doctoral schools at Universitńt Stuttgart (GRADUS), University of Bergamo (ISA) and University of Trento (DICAM).

The project is funded on the German side by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

DROPIT Project

For further information, please contact Prof. G. Cossali (gianpietro.cossali@unibg.it) or visit the website www.uni-stuttgart.de/itlr/graduierten/dropit.php?lang=de