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Department of Human and Social Sciences - University of Bergamo, Italy
Department of Human and Social Sciences - University of Bergamo, Italy
International Workshop

Embodiment at Play
Embodied Perspectives in Psychology, Philosophy and Neuroscience

Bergamo, September 23rd, 2016
email: embodiment@unibg.it

In the last years there was a "rediscovery" of the embodied approach to the study of human experience and social relationships. Congruent with this innovative panorama several positions were directly and un-directly derived from the original Embodied Cognition model proposed by Francisco Varela, Evan Thompson and Eleanor Rosch in 1989. At present, even there are a proliferation of theoretical contributions about embodiment (that includes different degrees of "radicalisms" on this approach), there is a less clear consensus about how this perspective can be translated into different research areas and can be putted at play with the numerous contexts of interventions.
This workshop would like to explore the main areas in which the embodied cognition can provide a peculiar approach to understand the Self definition, the situated action possibilities, and the emergence of a social context within which the irresolvable link between the agents' activities and the affordances provided by a specific situation can be put at play.

Accordingly the conference will include three main Keynote Speakers:

  • Tom Ziemke - University of Sk÷vde, Sweden
  • Jessica Lindblom - University of Sk÷vde, Sweden
  • Alessandra Chricosta - University of Ha Noi, Vietnam; Iaph Italia (Associazione internazionale delle filosofe)

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