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PHRASA - Laboratory of Chemical and Photochemical Reactions and Spectrometric Analysis


Area bacheca: 26&n


Current Projects

Several diaza[5]helicenes are being prepared and studied with the aim of developing new functional materials. 2,13-diaza[5]helicene may exhibit interesting complexing properties towards metal ions, which may be exploited in the field of OLEDS. N-methyl- and N-alkyl[5]azahelicenium salts with different counterions are being characterized for the first time, and their possible fields of application explored. Studies are also being developed towards the preparation of monoaza[6]helicenes and their enantiomeric stability will be compared with [5]helicenes.

Application of TiO2 on different supports (cement, gypsum, textiles) and characterization of the materials obtained in this way is performed, in order to utilize such materials for the photodegradation of pollutants in air and water. Several kinds of TiO2 are being used as photocatalysts to perform chemical reactions for the functionalization of organic substrates. Perovskite transition metal oxides are being tested as photocatalyzers for the degradation of organics, active under visible light.

X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) is being used for the characterization of organic and inorganic materials prepared in this Laboratory, as well as for the elucidation of the crystalline form of pharmaceutical compounds, polymers and more.

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