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PLM - Laboratory of Product Lifecycle Management

Area bacheca: 799&

Contact: Prof. Caterina Rizzi
Address: Department of Management, Information and Production Engineering - POINT via Pasubio - Dalmine (BG)
Email: caterina.rizzi@unibg.it
Tel.: ++39.035.2052077
Fax: ++39.035.2052075
Web: www.unibg.it/plm

The main goal of the research group is to investigate new solutions for industrial applications and to develop innovative prototypes in collaboration with industrial partners, mainly under the aegis of national and international programmes, and direct research contracts from companies.

The PLM Laboratory deals with:


The PLM Laboratory carries on research within the fields of Virtual Prototyping, Physics-based modelling, Systematic Innovation Methodologies, Intellectual Properties Management, methods and tools of Product Development Process.


In the PLM Laboratory student of management and mechanical engineering can develop thesis works within the area of the courses of Virtual Prototyping and of Modelling and Simulation of product development process. For these works there are different software tools available for the students.


The PLM Laboratory can provide services to companies for Product Development Process, Systematic Innovation and Product Data Management. It is also available a machine for rapid prototyping.