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CELS - Research Group on Industrial Engineering, Logistics and Services Operations - Experimental Lab


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Current Projects
The ASAP (After Sales Advanced Planning) Project started in 2003 under the patronage of the Ministry of Scientific and Technological Research and the collaboration of 5 Italian Universities: University of Bergamo, University of Brescia, University of Florence, Politecnico of Milan and University Luigi Bocconi. Aim of the research is to conduct a parallel study in several different industrial industries, such as domestic appliance, consumer electronics, ICT and automotive, in order to define innovative models to design and manage the After-Sales area
IN-FOS is a Competence Centre on Information Systems for Operations. It promotes the generation and the diffusion of a new culture about the Information Systems management within manufacturing small and medium enterprises through value-added services for companies and innovative and straightforward knowledge transfer. It is led by University of Bergamo and University of Brescia in collaboration with industrial partners
Intellimech is a consortium of companies promoted by the Association of Bergamo's Entrepreneurs ("Confindustria Bergamo") and Kilometro Rosso, which is dedicated to interdisciplinary research in the field of mechatronics. The Consortium's research activities encompass advanced electronic design, IT design and ICT systems design, as well as general mechanical design for application in a diverse range of industries. The current membership of Intellimech is made up of 24 companies working in different fields and based in different geographical areas
It is an applied research project about the identification and traceability of products using the RFID technology to preserve the "made in Italy". Actors involved in its development are both from academic and industrial extraction: in the working team there are two Universities, a RFID producer and two companies operating in the fashion industry, which make respectively accessories and clothing items. The project implies R&D, capital expenditure and innovation and aims at embedding/integrating RFID technology in the pilot companies' products
Progest Research Group collaborates with the Supply Chain Council and is working with an international team on the development of the CCOR (Customer Chain Operations Reference) model which is as a standard framework to map sales and service activities within the Supply Chain Management context
It is a course of 18 months organized by University of Bergamo and MIP-Politecnico of Milan on industrial asset management. Aim of the Master Executive is to train up mainteinance managers able to make an efficient engineering of mainteinance processes, to manage the impact which mainteinance has on the other industrial processes especially regarding the manufacturing and economical plants performance, to promote and improve the technical personnel's know-how and to facilitate the development of entrepreneurial activities related to the mainteinance field

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