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CELS - Research Group on Industrial Engineering, Logistics and Services Operations - Experimental Lab

Area bacheca: 172&

Contact: Prof. Sergio Cavalieri
Address: Department of Management, Information and Production Engineering - Building A via Galvani - Dalmine (BG)
Email: sergio.cavalieri@unibg.it
Tel.: ++39.035.2052384
Fax: ++39.035.2052377
Web: www.unibg.it/progest

Progest Research Group is a Research Centre specialised in design, operations and service management which works within the Department of Engineering at the University of Bergamo.

It aims at investigating new solutions for industrial and service applications with regard to their design and management.


The research activities and the technological transfer are performed in collaboration with academic and industrial partners, through national and international projects or research and consulting contracts.

According to the expertise developed by the researchers working in the group, the main competences concern:

  • Supply Chain Design and Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Service Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Industrial Asset Management
  • Risk Management
  • Business Process Re-engineering and Modelling
  • Textile Logistics


Progest Research Group participates in the formation of engineers within the Mechanical, Managerial, Textile and Computer Science areas by means of lectures and hands-on experiences related to operations management, logistics, plant design management and service management.


Progest Research Group offers services to support companies in finding solutions about the design, operations and service management. It provides preliminary studies of new technologies or systems as well as solutions for industrial applications.