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SMLab - Structural Mechanics Lab


Rotating bending test machine Italsigma X2TM412 Rotating bending test machine Italsigma X2TM412

Rotating bending fatigue tests can be carried out on an improved version of the traditional machine. The bending moment (R = -1) is applied with a worm gear screwjack. During the tests the load is constantly kept under control by means of a load cell. A brushless motor (200 W) transmits the main rotary motion. The rotation of suitable mandrels allows the specimen to be subjected to a uniform bending moment over its whole gage length. Also, several specimen lengths (for a possibly gage length between 30 and 90 mm) can be used. The machine allows for a maximum bending moment of 75 Nm and a maximum rotational speed of 3000 rpm. A computer equipped with a data acquisition card with a serial communication port and a suitable electric control panel can control the machine, by setting selected values for all the test parameters which can be monitored during each test. The applied bending moment is detected at each time interval by the load cell. In the case there are variations beyond a set threshold, the control software interrupts the test.

Wire bending equipment Wire bending equipment

A suitable apparatus to bend wires of any kind is available. It offers the possibility to investigate the residual wire curvature after unloading by winding and unwinding wires around cylinders having different diameters.

Impact simulation equipment Impact simulation equipment

The equipment was designed to simulate the impact on mechanical components, at different speed of impact, of spheres having variable diameters and made of different materials. The effects induced by the impact can be evaluated in terms or residual stresses and residual deformed configuration after the impact. The effect of shot peening on mechanical components can be evaluated with this equipment.

Testing machine for slender specimens and components Testing machine for slender specimens and components

The high vertical test opening (up to 3 m and more) enables to test very slender specimens (e.g. hydraulic actuators) and the high frame capacity makes it possible to apply loads up to 50 kN.