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TCCF - A.J. Zaninoni Textile Technological Lab: Textile Chemistry, Colourist and Finishing Research Area

Area bacheca: 789&

Contact: Prof. Giuseppe Rosace
Address: Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences - Building A via Galvani - Dalmine (BG)
Email: giuseppe.rosace@unibg.it
Tel.: ++39.035.2052021
Fax: ++39.035.2052377
Web: www.unibg.it/tccf

Our mission is to provide opportunities and solutions for the fashion and textile industries via technical consultancy, contract research and joint ventures.

We provide a wide range of professional and consultancy services to the industry in areas such as technological advancement, product and process development, technical investigation and training programmes.

The results of our research activities either have academic value or can be readily translated into marketable industrial applications.