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Prof. Davide Simone Giannoni

Tel.: 0352052748 (Rosate)

Riceve gli studenti: 6/9 ore 15-19, 19/9 ore 10-12, 25/9 ore 14-18.

Sede: Rosate
piazza Rosate 2 - 24129 Bergamo (BG) - Italia
stanza 209

Professore Associato
Corsi di laurea - Lingue, letterature e culture straniere

Professore Associato
Dipartimento di Lingue, letterature e culture straniere

3020Lingua inglese II 1 A (curriculum Turismo culturale)
3420Lingua inglese II 1 B (curriculum Turismo culturale)
13077Lingua inglese II A+B (curriculum turismo culturale - 10 cfu)
57108Lingua inglese LM II 2 B
28029Lingua inglese LM II A+B (10 cfu)

D.S. GIANNONI is Associate Professor of English (Language and Linguistics) at the University of Bergamo, Italy, whose Centre for Research on Languages for Specific Purposes (CERLIS) he helped to establish. His research interests focus on the linguistic analysis of English academic, legal and business discourse, approached both synchronically and contrastively.

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