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148009 - Corso integrato di Healthcare Logistics Management + Health Economics and Policy

Docente/i: Alexandra Lagorio - Giuliano Masiero

Note sul corso
04/10/2020 IMPORTANT NOTICE: the lessons of the course will be held in presence with the possibility of remote connection (dual-mode) from Monday, October 5 at 13:30, room A201.
The course material will be uploaded to the e-learning platform Moodle, Healthcare Logistics Management course. The access password will be provided during the first lesson.
To connect remotely for the first lesson, subscribe to the TEAM group related to the course on Microsoft Teams or access the following link:
Subsequently, all communications will take place via the Moodle platform.
02/10/2020 Course schedule:
  • Monday - 13.30 - 15.15 - Room A201
  • Friday - 10.30 - 12.15 - Room A201
02/10/2020 Assignment dates (provisional):
Topic Group working Delivery deadline
1. Demand forecasting 30/10/2020
2. Inventory management 21/11/2020
3. Facility Location 17/12/2020
4. Humanitarian and Disaster relief operations and supply chain 18/01/2021

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HEALTH ECONOMICS AND POLICY All instructions and course material are available at e-learning Unibg (MOODLE platform):

EXAM SESSION September 2020
The exam session will run normally at the University campus. See the special instructions on the University web site.
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  Anno accademico : 2020-2021
  Anno accademico : 2019-2020

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