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37186 - -ENG Market Regulation and Health Care

Docente/i: Giuliano Masiero

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Market Regulation and Health Care gives students the economic intuition to analyse strategic decisions and policy recommendations in markets characterized by the significant intervention of public authorities. How markets can go wrong and how to regulate them when they do are the subject of this course. Part of the course is dedicated to the understanding of market imperfections and regulation in health care markets. At the end of the course, students will understand the main market malfunctions, will be able to analyse the behaviour and interaction of firms, and to apply some regulatory mechanisms.
The course will provide lecture notes and use material from several textbooks as well as published articles from journals and policy reports. The essential reading material will be made available on the e-learning platform. The teaching methods will consist of a mixture of lectures on specific topics, mainly theoretical, supported by practical exercises with opportunities for students' active participation and discussion. Practical exercise sessions are organized weekly for attending students to complement theoretical lectures and facilitate their study. See the Syllabus in the Programme below for further details.

EXAM SESSION November 2020
The final exam will run in Google Meet. The link is available on the course website in Moodle. Exam questions follow the usual structure, though answers must be provided in Moodle.

Final exam grades are available below in the session "Risultati esami". Students will have the opportunity to discuss their final exam on Friday 17 July between 15:00 and 17:00.

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All course material is available at the e-learning Unibg (MOODLE) platform:
  Anno accademico : 2020-2021
  Anno accademico : 2019-2020
  Anno accademico : 2018-2019

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