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Prof. Erik Lehmann

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Sede: Dalmine - ex ENEL
via Pasubio 7b - 24044 Dalmine (BG) - Italia

Visiting professor: Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale, dell'Informazione e della Produzione

Visiting professor: Scuola di Ingegneria

Corsi a.a. precedenti:
37028 -ENG Finance II (Business Valuation)

Prof. Erik LehmannProf. Erik Lehmann
Full Professor of Management and Organization; Director of the Program Global Business Management (GBM)
Univesity of Augsburg, Augsburg (Germany)

Research interests: Links between corporate governance in family and entrepreneurial firms; Innovation; Public policy; Education and innovation systems; Financial constraints and regional and global competition.

Visiting professor at Unibg: from 2011/2012