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37027 - -ENG Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation (6 crediti)

Docente/i: Tommaso Minola

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The course aims at analyzing the Entrepreneurship phenomenon from different perspectives. On the one hand, the course offers theoretical and methodological bases to understand Entrepreneurship, its dynamics, and its relevance as an academic discipline. On the other hand, the course is strongly practice-oriented and the final output is a validated entrepreneurial idea (business model canvas).

The course moves deliberately between strategic, organizational and managerial issues, exploring a number of synergies with the courses of Strategic Management. The course explores the basics of how to write a successful business model canvas to explain what a business plan is and why it is beneficial to write one. The business model canvas will be prepared along the course; at the end the students will pitch their ideas to the faculty and a panel of entrepreneurs and investors.

The course is structured through lectures and case studies, guest seminars, as well as labs during which students will collaboratively develop the business plan. A set of lectures is organized through the so-called ?problem-based learning? approach, jointly adapted to the entrepreneurship discipline by the Universities of Bergamo and Maastricht.

Course Topics:
- Introduction and entrepreneurial paradigms
- Entrepreneurship as a career choice
- Actors, resources and ecosystems in entrepreneurship
- Entrepreneurship and economic development
- Generating a business idea
- The difference between ideas and opportunities
- Evaluating and seizing an entrepreneurial opportunity
- Developing an entrepreneurial opportunity
- Business model design
- Business model canvas
- Opportunity validation
- Lean start-up approach

In cooperation with the Center for Young and Family Enterprise (CYFE) , the best entrepreneurial ideas will be eligible to the participation to the main Business Plan competitions in Italy (e.g. Start Cup), and concur for awards, grants and initiatives supporting project startup.

Prof. Tommaso Minola
Prof. Joao Carlos Correia Leitao (University of Beira Interior, Portugal)

Class hours
14.00-18.00 Thursday (Classroom B005, Bldg B, Department of Management, Information and Production Engineering) from March 12, 2020 to June 4, 2020


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