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37155 - -ENG Industrial Statistics

Docente/i: Ilia Negri

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The exam of September will be in the same form as in the summer session but, following the last indications, it will take place on the Dalmine campus. You will receive the exact location and the modality few day before the event. Depending on the number of participant be prepared to join the exam in different turns. The details will be available after the registration to the exam will be closed.

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  Anno accademico : 2020-2021
  Anno accademico : 2019-2020
  Anno accademico : 2018-2019
  Anno accademico : 2017-2018
  Codice 37155-ENG
  Programma [agg. 11/07/2017]
  Anno accademico : 2016-2017
  Codice 37155-ENG
  Programma [agg. 30/06/2016]
  Anno accademico : 2015-2016
  Codice 37155-ENG
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  Anno accademico : 2014-2015
  Codice 37155-ENG
  Programma [agg. 03/06/2014]

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Practical information for the exam 17/02/2015

To have in real time all the information about exam result, change of schedule and more. #ind_stat
Web page of Professor Schmid
The material given by WS during the lessons is available here
All the material for the course is available here. Labs and Lectures
R project
The software used in the course. Please go to the web page of R and install the version for your os

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