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-ENG Industrial Statistics

Pagina del corso: 37155 - -ENG Industrial Statistics
Docente/i: Ilia Negri - Wolfgang Schmid

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  Anno accademico : 2019-2020
  Anno accademico : 2018-2019
  Anno accademico : 2017-2018
  Codice 37155-ENG
  Programma [agg. 11/07/2017]
  Anno accademico : 2016-2017
  Codice 37155-ENG
  Programma [agg. 30/06/2016]
  Anno accademico : 2015-2016
  Codice 37155-ENG
  Programma [agg. 13/07/2016]
  Anno accademico : 2014-2015
  Codice 37155-ENG
  Programma [agg. 03/06/2014]

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Practical information for the exam 17/02/2015

To have in real time all the information about exam result, change of schedule and more. #ind_stat
Web page of Professor Schmid
The material given by WS during the lessons is available here
All the material for the course is available here. Labs and Lectures
R project
The software used in the course. Please go to the web page of R and install the version for your os

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